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Jerimiah Taylor | Blog

Thursday, February 20, 2020   /   by Jerimiah Taylor

Which Real Estate Tech Trends Will Dominate 2020?

Get an Insider Perspective on what Tech Trends are Dominating the Market in 2020

Technology has impacted just about every field of human endeavor you can imagine, and that includes real estate. From buying and selling apps such as Zillow and Realtor to website-based tools and apps designed for individual agents, tech for real estate is evolving every bit as rapidly as it is for other professions and industries. 
So what can we look forward to in the immediate and not-too-distant future? Here are the top four real estate tech trends that will dominate in 2020. 
New integrations for existing market data
It’s the era of Big Data, and most industries are still working to understand what kinds of data they have access to, how best to analyze that data, and what to do with the insights that data provides. In real estate, business intelligence that flows from massive quantities of these metrics and measurements is already being used in real estate apps and property man ...

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